Our standing as an international centre of excellence in the classical world reflects our reputation for delivering a world-class standard of tuition to all our gifted students who join us.  But as a leading 21st century specialist music school we urgently need to build new music studios to transform student learning experiences in their journey to becoming the professional musicians of tomorrow.

Over 50% of every student’s timetable is dedicated to specialist music education but, as yet, the current facilities on our School site do not reflect this. At present, there are no purpose-built teaching rooms designed specifically for instrumental coaching.  Music teaching and practice sessions take place in general teaching classrooms and in some cases, converted kitchens or boarding rooms designed as living accommodation – neither of which are fit for purpose by today’s standards for a leading music school such as ours.

‘it can be quite distracting practising in your room, but the worst thing is having to practise on the landing in Harris House, you have to play really well, because everyone can hear you!’  - Student

Our ambition is to transform this situation by building new studios on our existing School site - a new music hub - that will serve as a dedicated space for specialist musical education that will bring our facilities up to a world-class standard and support the superb teaching all our students receive.

Planning permission has been submitted and granted and we now need to raise £3 million to enable us to turn the plans of this exciting new modern complex into reality.

Designed to house one studio for orchestral rehearsals, two large studios for ensemble work, four medium and four small studios as well as a number of practice rooms and instrument stores, the building will be completed by the creation of a music library.  All rooms will be designed with excellent acoustics and each room suitably sound proofed: the impact will be transformational for the School and its students.  Among the many benefits will be:

  • Quiet and spacious teaching rooms enabling the whole musician to emerge through the development of listening skills in an appropriate acoustic, correct posture and a more conducive learning environment.

  • Enrichment of our students' all-round musical education through the well stocked and managed music library available to all students and teachers

  • Increased and improved workspaces for both staff and students enabling the focus to be entirely on the musical teaching and practice

  • Enhancement of the School’s reputation as a centre of excellence for gifted young musicians with the provision of appropriate purpose-built, acoustically beneficial facilities

  • An effective and appropriate rehearsal space for the Junior and Senior Orchestra removing the strain on The Menuhin Hall freeing up time to be used for other activities such as our outreach programme

Please support us by donating to our New Music Studios Fund and play a part in shaping today’s gifted young musicians into classical professional musicians of tomorrow.

If you would like to know more about our New Music Studios and how you can help please contact the development team on 01932 584797 or via  development@yehudimenuhinschool.co.uk