Our ability to provide means-tested bursaries is absolutely vital for almost all our gifted young musicians providing financial aid to access dedicated musical training that develops their remarkable musical skills irrespective of their financial background.  But we must build a Bursary Fund (permanent endowment) of £3 million to ensure we can continue to do this over the coming years.

We continue to receive vital support from central government via The Department of Education’s Music and Dance Scheme.  We are extremely grateful for this support, however, funding is remaining static for the fourth consecutive year in 2013/14.   Our ability to overcome the shortfall we have been encountering every year has only been made possible by the generosity of our friends, supporters and benefactors - to whom we are most grateful. Such support is needed now more than ever, as inflationary pressures see our costs rising each year and the demand for places increases.  Building up our Bursary Fund (permanent endowment) will enable us to continue to support students in the future.

“I can honestly say that joining this school has been a turning point in my musical development and I strongly believe that completing my studies here is a crucial stepping stone for my professional life as a musician” – Student

Our students audition for a place at the School under our ‘needs- blind’ policy and the offer of a place is based solely on talent and regardless of social or financial circumstances.

“I have improved in my harmony and composition, but my teachers also helped me to see new possibilities in terms of interpretation of my cello work” – Student

With the School’s currently limited resources there are always students deserving of a place at the School whose parents cannot afford for them to come and whom we cannot support financially, even though they have the potential to become great musicians. This situation can be eliminated by building up a Bursary Fund (permanent endowment). The Bursary fund will generate a secure and permanent source of on-going funding from which to offer means-tested bursaries - but we rely wholly on voluntary donations to help us establish this Fund.

Many of our past students in receipt of means-tested bursaries have since become prominent musicians in the classical music world – their talent is unlikely to have fully flourished without this financial assistance enabling them to receive essential grounding for developing their first-class music-making abilities – so the potential danger for us all of losing potentially great classical music-makers of the future in both the UK and worldwide is another reason why we must establish a Bursary Fund.

“The School has given me such a strong background to manage my career, it was the beginning of everything…I am so lucky and proud to have been here”  –  Valeriy Sokolov, Violin & YMS student 2001-2005

Can you help us create the professional world-class musicians of tomorrow by donating to our Bursary Fund (permanent endowment)? Your help will provide financial aid to deserving and aspiring young musicians.

If you would like to know more about our Bursary Fund (permanent endowment) and how you can help please contact the development team on 01932 584797 or via  development@yehudimenuhinschool.co.uk