To download our latest Policies Document or our latest Pupil & Parent Handbook please click on the links below.  Policies and details contained here include:

  • The School’s address and contact details, including those of the Headmaster and Chairman of Governors
  • A statement of the School’s aims and ethos
  • Admissions and Exclusions Policies
  • Behaviour Management Policies
  • Curriculum Policy, including Policies for Pupils with Special Educational Needs, English as an Additional Language and Personal, Social and Health Education
  • Policy to prevent Bullying
  • Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies
  • Health and Safety Policies
  • Complaints Procedure
  • A list of staff, including their qualifications

If any parent or prospective parent is unable to access these documents, please let the School Office know and we shall send you a copy by post.

In addition, in accordance with ISI regulations, parents and prospective parents are also able to consult at the School Office or to request (at no charge) a copy of the following information:  

  • A summary of the School’s academic performance in the previous academic year, including Key Stage 2, GCSE and A level results.
  • A record of the number of any complaints which reached the formal stage (Stage 2) of the Complaints Procedure in the previous academic year.