General Music :

Damian leGassick

Oscar Colomina I Bosch

John Cooney


As a rule, pupils receive about three hours of this work each week.  Although all syllabuses of the public exams seem to be moving further away from what we would consider needs to be covered in this area, we continue to fit the teaching of the public exam courses into these classes.

Aural training and theory

Most students have three half-hour aural-training sessions each week, including some sessions on Saturday mornings. Since these classes are outside the constraints of weekday time-tabling, students can be grouped largely by ability rather than by age at these times.

Some students, those whose ability is either well above or below their peer group, may well receive some additional one-to-one tuition as well.

Other aspects of General Music (Harmony and Counterpoint, Keyboard Harmony, Analysis, Music History)

In areas of harmony and analysis etc., we are aiming to reach a far higher standard than that required for the A-level examination. All this work is undertaken to support and connect with the work students are doing on their instruments, and so we feel it is essential that we continue to keep such studies at the highest level.