For fifty years now the Yehudi Menuhin School has been providing a very special education for exceptionally gifted young string players, pianists and, more recently, classical guitarists. During that time the School has grown and developed into the world-class institution it is today.

Pupils from all over the world come to study in our unique environment. We pride ourselves on the friendly, welcoming atmosphere we have all worked so hard to develop.

Over 95% of the graduates of the School are in the music profession and, although we celebrate the breadth of the pupils’ achievements, those who come to study with us have a passion for music and the dream of communicating that love to as many audiences as possible.

With over two hundred and fifty concerts every year, the pupils certainly gain many opportunities to practise their art and it is therefore hardly surprising that such a large proportion of the pupils wish to continue their studies at conservatoires when they leave the school.

But we also take a great pride in our academic record. In 2016  64% of the grades achieved at A level were A*or A, with 86% being at grade A*, A or B; at GCSE 75% were at grade A*or A, with 94% being grade A*or A or B.  These outstanding results demonstrate our commitment to challenging in equal measure both the musical and intellectual talents of the gifted musicians we are privileged to teach.

Pupils who are clear-thinking, well-informed and coherent in expressing themselves will have much to say through their music. As a result, we have always supported the single-minded focus on music, but not the narrow vision which excludes everything else. For this reason we are always proud when pupils recognise that they might like to study other subjects, such as English, at University rather than concentrate on music to the exclusion of all else.

We hope that this website will answer all the questions you may have about our School. We hold regular Open Days so that prospective candidates and their parents can sample for themselves the atmosphere and the rural environment which make the Yehudi Menuhin School such a special place.  We would be delighted to see you.

Dr Richard Hillier