Music House is part of the original manor house and boasts some beautiful period features. The later extensions house purpose-built facilities for our boarders, and the house is currently undergoing further renovation. There will soon be a further set of single rooms and some en-suite shower rooms, providing more space and modern facilities.

Music House is home to the majority of the girls in the school (with the exception of the very oldest, who currently occupy of self-contained building under the pastoral oversight of Harris House) and the junior boys. The house really does feel like a big family, with the older girls taking a very sisterly approach to the younger members of the house! The rooms in the house are predominantly double rooms, although there is one single and two quadruples, currently occupied by the junior boys, who are very much enjoying the experience of our new bunk beds.

In the centre of the house is the Common Room, which is a homely place filled with snuggly armchairs, bean bags, cushions and throws in which the stresses of daily life can be relaxed away in front of a large flat-screen television. The Common Room also has a kitchen, in which the older students can make food if they wish, and from which flows a steady stream of hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream during Saturday Night Movie Night! The youngest students go home at the weekend but, for those who return on a Sunday, there is a Junior Movie Afternoon for them to enjoy, ensuring that nobody misses out! The Common Room is also home to evening story time for the junior students, who get to listen to all kinds of silly voices for different characters, whilst winding down before bed.

Our students are incredibly dedicated and spend a great deal of time working hard. It is especially important that the house is a place in which everyone can relax and take a break if they need to. Discipline is provided by a mixture of consistency and light-heartedness, such as in the case of our dormitory tidiness competition, in which the tidiest win prizes and the messiest have to tidy to whole house for a week!

The Housemistress, Maria Trkulja, has worked in several boarding schools with children of all ages. She joined the Yehudi Menuhin School from Sherborne Preparatory School, where she was Head of Drama, and Assistant Housemistress. Maria has studied Music at Oxford and Bristol Universities. Although she is predominantly a singer, she also plays the violin, viola and piano and has just completed a Masters in Musicology. She cannot compose to save her life. Her approach to house life is based on the dual perspective of an experienced teacher and housemistress, and that of a musician.  Living with Maria in the Housemistress’s flat is her partner Foster, who is a Maths and PE teacher at the school. Foster is an avid sportsman and is an RFU referee in his spare time. He is also an experienced  Housemaster, so he is well used to boarding life and is a fantastic presence in the house, especially for the junior boys. The third member of this household is Gus the Dog, a miniature schnauzer who thinks he is a teddy bear. Gus is incredibly affectionate and loves attention from anyone and everyone. He has a huge fan club in the house and has an uncanny ability to cure homesickness.

Also on site is Ann, the School Nurse, who is here to deal with any medical emergencies at any time of day. She also joins in with house life on a regular basis. Living at the other end of the building is Assistant Housemistress Gergana, one of the violin teachers at the school, and her husband Nikhil. The team of resident staff are supported by house tutors Karen Lyle and Sarah Howell, who take over on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. There is a lovely atmosphere of fun and openness in the house, making it a lovely place to live and work.