The Yehudi Menuhin School is independent and relies on school fees to cover the annual running costs.

Generous financial assistance towards the cost of fees is provided for children who are resident in the UK by the Department for Education (DfE) under the Music and Dance Scheme (MDS). This assistance is measured according to a sliding scale linked to family income.

Overseas pupils who have been resident in the UK for two full calendar years (Jan-Dec) or more are also eligible for a grant under the same scheme. The School has some bursary funds available to support pupils, but otherwise it falls to the parents to search for sponsorship from their own Government or from other charitable sources.

Those resident in the EU who are offered a place in the sixth form are immediately eligible for a grant under the MDS scheme.

For the school year 2015/2016, our fees are £41,928 
Under the MDS, parents with a relevant gross income under £12,243 in the tax year 2014/15 do not have to pay anything towards 2013 fees.  If gross income exceeds £12,243 then a proportion is payable on an increasing scale up to the full fees. As a guide, some examples of the annual parental contribution for 2014/15 for boarders are given below:

Relevant Income Annual Parent Contribution
£15,000   £135
£20,000   £630
£30,000   £1,803
£40,000   £3,258
£50,000   £4,935
£60,000   £6,735
£70,000   £8,604
£80,000   £10,548
£100,000 £14,457

'Relevant income' is normally the gross family income (before tax) from all sources for both parents, together with any unearned income of their dependent children, less an allowance (£1990 2014/15) for dependent children. The amount of assistance provided is reviewed annually and parents are required to give details of their income each year to enable their contribution towards fees to be reassessed. For this purpose they must complete the DfE form MD1, supplied by the school, and must provide documentary evidence as requested on the form. The level of their contribution is then calculated by the school in accordance with DfE regulations, verified by the school's auditors and finally approved by the DfE (who also approve the level of fees charged). Parents are billed termly for one third of their annual contribution, to be paid in advance at the beginning of the term.

The paragraphs above give only an outline of the Music and Dance Scheme. Further details, if desired, may be obtained from the school Bursar.