Audition process:

Entry to the School is open to any candidate between the age of 8 and 16 years. Although most pupils join the School in September, it is possible to enter at Christmas or Easter.

Selection of pupils to the School is by a series of auditions, which seek to assess musical ability and identify outstanding potential. An invitation to a full audition at the school will follow a preliminary assessment by the Director of Music.

For the preliminary assessment applicants are usually asked to submit a DVD or CD recording of contrasting pieces of their own choice played on their first instrument. However, for those candidates who live reasonably close to the School, the Director of Music is happy to listen to a prospective candidate in person at the School.

At the full audition, which is always conducted at the School, applicants are asked to play two contrasting pieces of their own choice from different stylistic periods and undertake sight-reading and aural/oral tests.

For the final stage of the selection process, candidates are invited to stay at the school for several days to take part in the life of the School and have instrumental and academic lessons before a final decision is made.

No formal academic assessment takes place, although applicants are inevitably assessed informally during the academic lessons which they attend. However, the decision whether or not to offer a place is based purely on the School’s assessment of musical potential and the candidate’s desire and suitability to undertake a specialized course.

The majority of UK pupils qualify for an ‘Aided Place’ which is subject to parental income. (For further details see the section ‘Fees’). This grant is also available to overseas pupils once they have gained the necessary qualifying length of residence in the UK of two full calendar years (January to December). The School can also offer a few bursaries to help meet the fees of pupils from overseas. These schemes help ensure that Yehudi Menuhin’s aim of providing the opportunity for gifted children to develop their skill and love of music is continued, irrespective of nationality and the ability to pay.


SPRING TERM 2017: SATURDAY 21 January 1.30-4.30pm