Science at Yehudi Menuhin School

The aim of the science department at Yehudi Menuhin School is to encourage students to question the world around them and make judgments, based on scientific evidence.

For science studied at Key Stage 2 please look at the Junior overview.

In Key Stage 3 the programme of study is designed to encourage interest, enthusiasm, thinking skills, practical investigative skills, working in a team, and communication skills. Using these skills and through different media we cover the content of the national curriculum. Examination technique and revision strategies are also taught.

The main text books used are Exploring Science 7, 8 and 9.  A variety of other materials are also drawn upon.

Chemistry, Biology and Physics topics are covered in each of the three years.

At Key stage 4 all pupils study Core Science with the option to also study Additional Science. The courses studied are Edexcel Core Science option A and Edexcel Additional Science. Both courses include Units of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. There are three Science exams that need to be completed during the two years of GCSE and also a piece of investigative coursework.

Results 2011-2012:

Core Science A* and A grades – 50%

At Key Stage 5 Biology and Chemistry A level course are offered. We follow the OCR Biology specification and the Edexcel Chemistry specification.

Biology AS consists of three units: Unit 1, Cells, Exchange and Transport, Unit 2, Molecules, Biodiversity, Food and Health, Unit 3, Practical skills 1

Biology A2 consists of three units: Unit 1, Communications, Homeostasis and Energy, Unit 2, Control, Genomes and the Environment, Unit 3, Practical skills 2

Chemistry AS consists of three units: Unit 1, The Core Principles of Chemistry, Unit 2, Application of the Core Principles of Chemistry, Unit 3, Chemistry Investigations 1.

Chemistry A2 consists of three units: Unit 1, General Principles of Chemistry I - Rates, Equilibria and Further Organic Chemistry, Unit 2, General Principles of Chemistry II – Transition Metals and Organic Nitrogen Chemistry, Unit 3, Chemistry Investigations 2.


Teaching staff are well qualified and enthusiastic:

Key Stage 2 Janet Poppe

Key Stage 3 Jenny Dexter

Key Stage 4 Karen Lyle

Key Stage 5 Biology, Jenny Dexter and Karen Lyle

Key Stage 5 Chemistry, Karen Lyle


Recent Science Trips have included:

Visiting an Electron Microscope and carrying out Ecological Studies at Nower Wood. Attending the Salters Festival of Chemistry, visiting the Science Museum and Pond Dipping at West End Common.