In addition to German a number of other modern foreign languages are taught.  This enhances the international nature of the school and can provide linguistic and cultural support in their own first language to pupils far from home.

At present we have lessons in French, Russian, Chinese and Japanese and recently we taught lessons in Spanish and Italian.  This may be for just one hour per week or longer, but GCSEs and A levels may be taken.

We are at a transitional stage in moving from French to German as the primary modern foreign language that we teach from beginner level, so French classes continue for those on GCSE and A level courses, but from September 2012 German becomes the only modern foreign language we will teach from beginner level. ( In 2012 75% of grades in French GCSE were A* and A.)


Our teachers are:

French : Didier Descamps

Russian : Petra Young

Chinese : Xiang Yun Bishop

Japanese : Akiko Kubo