The School is divided into four flexible groups based not purely on age but also on ability.

This group system enables the school to form viable class sizes and provides a stimulating academic environment. The curriculum is designed to be balanced and to do full justice to both the musical and the general education of each pupil. All classes are small with excellent opportunities for individual attention. Key Stage Two, Key Stage Three, GCSE, AS and A Level courses are taught in core subjects within the National Curriculum by a well-qualified and dedicated team of staff.


The School considers the understanding of art, literature and science to be vital to the development of creative, intelligent and sensitive musicians. However, since pupils spend only half the day on their academic studies, the range is limited. Pupils will take courses in seven GCSE subjects, three AS levels and two A2 levels, and this is sufficient to ensure that pupils can attend University, should they wish to. The school currently provides tuition in English, English Literature, French, German, Russian, Mandarin, Japanese, Mathematics, Core and Additional Science, Music and History.

All pupils are set private study assignments to reinforce learning and to provide opportunity for the development of ideas and thoughts. Private study sessions are supervised by staff for the younger part of the school.

EAL teaching

Pupils from overseas with limited English receive an intensive course in the English language from specialist teachers.